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As I type this, no one from the school or from the district has made a statement, saying that they can’t do so because it is a personnel matter.

This was an absurdly stupid tweet under any circumstances, even forgetting for a moment that it was made in a heavily African-American community.

Many heterosexual Black men are genuinely clueless as to how their dating “preferences” are based on anti-Blackness more than love or interest in anyone not Black, and how this anti-Blackness is shaped intraracially and interracially because of how White supremacy, internalized racism, colourism, Eurocentric beauty myths as standards and misogynoir impact them and are proliferated by them. Because Whiteness is set in juxtaposition to Blackness and mixed Black women as well as other women of colour who aren’t Black are placed on a sliding scale of what is considered not only beautiful but worthy in relation to how close to White they appear, can assimilate to be or how far away from Blackness they are, ultimately even when Black men decide that a biracial woman, a fair skinned Asian/Latina woman or even a darker woman of colour yet lighter than dark Black women is “better" than a Black woman, they are engaging in White supremacist logic, which by design is anti-Black. By continual anti-Blackness propagandist messages (for centuries) being pumped out through media, marketing, art, legislation, and general popular culture, avoiding absorption of these messages is futile. What is possible is to learn how to recognize, deconstruct, challenge and reject these messages.PLEASE do not fuel his hatred for white men by responding to his childish and bigoted posts.Yesterday on Twitter I was called “one of the most annoying feminists on Twitter,” a “bitch,“ an “insecure bitch” as well as “bitter" several times by Black men whose dating “preferences” I decided to challenge.[BLANK_AUDIO] Feminist and co host of the Black Joy Mixtape, Amber J. I think they still get people write that because there is never like this. So while we cannot verify whether the Tweets were actually sent by Woody himself.