Dating the dead sea scrolls radio carbondating

This scroll fragment preserves parts of the Book of Leviticus, in which God promises to reward the people of Israel if they observe the Sabbath and obey the 10 commandments.

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That is, despite the discovery of BCE setting, the CE date for the scrolls failed to budge.That is, they reject a Ia/Ib or Ib/II continuity in people and function at Qumran (e.g. Other models propose a non-sectarian community in the final phase up to 68 CE (Bruce and Pfann); and previous posts have set out Stacey’s view that site was a seasonal industrial area linked to Jericho.Of particular significance is that a number of archaeologists believe the evidence points to the scrolls having been deposited in the caves Each of these last-named (de Vaux, Bruce and Pfann, Stacey) suppose the latest inhabitants of first-century CE Qumran ending at the First Revolt postdated the major scroll deposits of Cave 1Q, Cave 4Q, etc.Their studies of the Old Testament Scriptures led them to believe that God's judgment upon Jerusalem was imminent and that the anointed one would return to restore the nation of Israel and purify their worship.Anticipating this moment, the Essenes retreated into the Qumran desert to await the return of their Messiah.