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“There’s a woman crazy after Winston, that he knows and has known about for some time,” Morris reveals.

Morris also wants fans to know that if they see him at a bar they shouldn’t be afraid to challenge him to a game of “True American.” He reveals he has a reputation of playing in the past.

With the Fox series now back for season four, we met up with the 34-year-old star to chat about how she scores her fashion finds, what she thought of her first-ever Fashion Week experience and what she's enjoying most about 's latest season (Cece and Schimdt are hanging out again! We saw that you attended your first Fashion Week — tell us about that. It's always so great when you get to experience something new for the first time.

I went to the Monique Lhuillier show and that was a beautiful show.

It's camera angles and it's standing behind people."Here's a semi-comprehensive look at how some other television series have handled actresses' pregnancies throughout history, dating back to 1952. But then Deschanel was written out of the show for six episodes (her character was sequestered for jury duty), making room for Reagan (Megan Fox) to come in. It's a bit weird to have a show called "New Girl" without said girl. The actress: Melissa Fumero, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"What they did: Hid it.

It would be too soon for Amy (Fumero) and Jake (Andy Samberg) to have a little one on the way. The actress: Kerry Washington, "Scandal"What they did: Hid it. The show's fans knew the real-life star was pregnant, and all the ridiculous ways they covered her bump provided a drinking game of sorts.

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The actress, raised partly in Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and India, spoke with SPIN about celebrity karaoke encounters, Metallica’s ballads, and Color Me Badd. The first concert that my parents took me to was in this canyon in Saudi Arabia called Buttermilk Canyon."Free tip: if you are going to compliment a woman don't start with how great her calves look").If there's another lesson traveling has taught her, it's certainly to have fun with fashion.4 suitcases 3 men over six feet tall 2 sacks full of over sixty presents 1 Mini Cooper = perfect Canadian Christmas madness.#wecantfit #thesmallestcar #thehugestmen #youcantseeallthestuff #wehadtowear2coatseach A post shared by Hannah Simone (@therealhannahsimone) on "4 suitcases 3 men over six feet tall 2 sacks full of over sixty presents 1 Mini Cooper = perfect Canadian Christmas madness," she captioned a photo of a holiday road trip she took with her hubby and friends.