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A boy holding packages of condoms in his mouth looks through a book of sexual positions (we don't see any nudity in the pictures) and appears to be practicing them by himself (we see him in a few positions, moving rhythmically).

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Last but not least, I think it’s good for people to have an opportunity to realize that sex can be an empty experience and as much as it can satisfy some of our needs, it won’t quench our thirst for affection or the feeling of loving and being loved.[our program] is empowering students to resist conformity and choose to be different – a Godly different.” wants to get away from the current hook-up culture of today and inspire teens to build a relationship with Jesus Christ.Despite the noble goals of virginity pledge organizations, objective evidence shows only mixed effectiveness at best.It’s time for one of the those end-of-the-year-reflection kind of posts.You know, did you make your New Year’s resolution, what did you learn most from this year, blah, blah, blah.