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Just say hello, and if you like, greet others when they arrive. Handy to check if you are wearing an appropriate expression. A few weeks ago, one of our chat regulars passed away at a young age, from a chronic illness.You will get an idea of who is a regular, and who will greet you time after time, and you can return their greeting. People in chat can talk all at once, and even have multiple conversations. You can take your time in responding to a question – even several minutes! We all felt the loss, even if we hadn’t talked to him much, we got to know his sense of humor, his personality, and his spirit.Hello, and welcome to Elliquiy's role playing forums.As you might surmise, a good portion of the forums are currently hidden from your view.The staff reserves the right to enforce these and all other rules and guidelines in the manner they see best for the site.

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Shy people, timid people, people that have problems/issues talking or communicating with others join.

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In the past few months, I’ve become a chat room aficionado.

Chat rooms have been around since the early days of AOL, yet I avoided them for years.